ASHANKS Motorized Camera Track Slider 32CM/12.6in Mini Electric Video Studio APP Slider for DSLR Camera Timelapse Photography

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1. Loading Capacity:3KG
2. APP:

Android system (Ask seller to get the newest APP or scan QR code below);

IOS system :Search for "SMOOTHONE SLIDER" Apple APP Store



1. Timelapse / Time Lapse Shooting - Start Timing 
2. Remote Control by Mobile phone APP/ Modify Shooting Data
3. More devices is compatible : for SLR, Micro SLR, smart phone, digital camera 

Operation Steps:

1. Download APP:

Android system (Ask seller to get the newest APP);

IOS system :Search for "SMOOTHONE SLIDER" Apple APP Store;

2. Install the battery on the motor and connect the shutter cable on the camera and motor;

3. Turned on the mobile phone bluetooth, GPS(Very important!!!)and the slider motor, then open slider APP, wait a few seconds,it will connect to the APP automatically;

4. Turn off the power saving mode(mobile phone setting );

5. Setting APP: point A and B (long press),finishing setting and start your shooting.


Package included:

1. Slider Body and motor inslide
2. Shutter Release Cable (C3/C1/N1/N3/S1/S2/P1) - You can select 2 cables for your camera (Canon / Nikon / Sony / Panasonic)


Battery F550 NOT Included!!!

Ball Head NOT Included!!!

Camera NOT Included!!!

Hotshoe cable NOT Included!!!